Book promotion – How to get in touch with your readers?

One of the biggest problems with traditional book promotion is that when someone buys your book, you have no way of contacting your readers. There is no way to tell them about any other books you have unless the publisher included that in the book somewhere, or when you have a new book coming out.

There is no way to let them get to know you better, and find out what other products you have that might interest them.

In short, there is no way to build a relationship-the most crucial factor in marketing. When a reader feels he/she knows you as the author, that reader is more likely to read your other books, buy your products or services, and pass on your book to other people.

However, you can get around these roadblocks with a few simple strategies.

If your book is not yet published, by all means, include something in the book that will drive people to your web site to sign up to get something. Create a free report; ask them to register their book for some kind of bonus, offer a newsletter-as many enticing offers as you can manage.

If your book is published already and you have not done the above, consider sending postcards with your web site address where people can get the book promotion sites. Also, send emails to everyone you know who might pass on your message of your special offer.

There is also a new program amazon has created. You do not even need a web site for this, so it is something you can do right away.

Perhaps you have noticed that when you log on to amazon, one of the first things that come up is plug.

The plug is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. When you buy a book via amazon, and the author is part of the program, you will receive messages by that author.

Amazon connect, provides a way for authors to communicate with their buyers. It is not ideal, since you do not yourself have their contact information, but it is much better than

One nice feature of the program is that your readers can post whether they liked your post are not. The interaction can provide valuable feedback to you, and if

You are active with it, it is another way to reach your readers and generate word of mouth advertising-the best kind of advertising on the planet.