Philanthropy in health care and education sector

Mariyam Dawood

Philanthropic activity is not merely a donation, but it is a strong desire to work for human welfare and improving the lives of people. It is love for humanity. Philanthropists are capable of changing anything existing in society. They bring in the positivity and healthy atmosphere into the lives of people.

From decades the family has been doing a lot of philanthropic activities across Pakistan and the world. Global healthcare is the cause sheis supporting. She is visualizing a sustainable growth in the healthcare sector. She, along with her husband, is doing immense philanthropic support.

Notable activities:

A university named Aga Khan University and its associated hospital is being flooded with donations of Mariyam Dawood which propelled the growth of the health sector to different heights. Advanced equipment, integrated rooms have triggered many scholars to do their research in the healthcare industry, which is playing a vital role in the upliftment of the society at large.

Mariyam Dawood

Donations of Dawood have led to the identity of the university across the globe. Highly intellectual people are willing to enter the classes and share their knowledge and contribute from their side which is providing a value-added education to the students who are going to be the future professionals in the healthcare sector.

This way, the initiative to improve the quality of education and healthcare sector are taking their shape.

Providing disaster relief aid is the other contribution of Dawood’s family. With their generosity, the couple was successful in turning the risk-prone youth of many countries to know their potential.